5 Common Objections to Disability Insurance (and How to Overcome Them)

Starting the conversation is the first step. Part of that step may involve countering objections against getting income protection […]

We Made Disability Insurance Apps Easier

Convincing people to buy insurance is hard. The application should be the easy part. […]

How Long-Term Care Insurance Is Like the Internet

It’s January 2002. The Dow Jones soars at over 10,000. Internet companies enjoy the last few months of their very first heyday […]

Q & A: Questions and Authorship

Questions can be a powerful tool of persuasion. Of course, there is a right way to do it...and a wrong way. […]

On Millennials (By a Millennial)

A large Disability Insurance carrier recently commissioned a study done by graduate students at Georgia State University. The study was comprised of […]

Looking Beyond Doctors and Dentists

I did a fun experiment today. I ran the following questions through the Google machine: […]

DI vs. CI: Which Product Is For Your Client?

It's a shame we don't write more Critical Illness. I recently did a quote for a client who was working fewer than the minimum 30 hours per week which is required for DI. We created […]

You Are an Agent of Change

Agency. It's a term borrowed across many sectors: sports agency, advertising agency, adoption agency, and (my favorite oxymoron) government […]

We Are Your Buffer System

Buffer. Have you ever tried to watch a video that wouldn't load? How about a movie? Yes? Then you know the feeling of […]

Obviously We Downloaded Genworth's New App

I did a highly Millennial thing and downloaded Genworth's new app. […]

Confessions of an Idealistic Insurance Advisor

We try to help everyone. We really do. As a General Agent in the Disability and LTC market, we process hundreds of apps per year, and we are acutely aware of […]

Livelihood Insurance

Livelihood. That's the word we've been missing--from our conversations, from our marketing material. The painful phrase "Disability Insurance" is a double-whammy. Who wants to talk about […]

Our First Principles

I recently heard on a podcast that it's bad business if you don't have your company's first principles committed not just to memory, but on your heart. It made me think about […]

You Can't Spend What You Don't Earn

I had the pleasure of seeing one of my all-time favorite brokers speak at a recent association meeting. He graciously imparted the following reminder […]

Purple Cow, Meet Orange Dog:
On Being Remarkable

“Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable” by Seth Goden is considered to be required reading for marketing professionals. Traditional marketing principles have […]

Great Work, Higher Purpose

A reminder that you are doing great work with a higher purpose. I was just thinking about the attack on nonprofit overhead spending […]

LTC Rate Increases Are on the Rise

CA is seeing increases under 50%, often spread over a few years. Rates for new business have increased approximately 130% in the last 10 […]

Income Protection for Life

We added the tagline “Income Protection for Life” after we introduced long-term care insurance to our portfolio in 1991. Our DI products protect […]

The 0-Day LTC Elimination Period: 90-Day Certification Required

What’s the best way to help your clients should they ever become chronically ill and file claims? Helping them understand the […]

4 Key Points to Talk Disability with Business Owners in 2017

There are some people out there who love to work, and there are others who live to work. If you are reading […]