Long-term care is an increasingly important piece of retirement planning.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has calculated that approximately 70% of people who reach age 65 will require long-term services and support longer than three years.  Long-term care insurance is designed to pay a benefit to help defray the rising costs of services that are more and more necessary for an aging population.


ABD is offering a discounted and simplified-issue voluntary long-term care insurance program to ABD employees across the United States. 

Please contact Wayne Hill if for any questions: wayne.hill@theabdteam.com(415) 609-9109



Long-term care insurance typically covers a defined daily benefit of $200-$300/day that you can use to pay for services like home care, residential care, or skilled nursing. to name a few.

The daily benefit on these plans are payable for a duration of 3 years following a brief waiting period of 90 days that works like a basic insurance deductible.

Plans can be purchased with inflation. A plan with 3% inflation will double your benefits every 24 years. 

Rates are gender neutral but based on age and marital status. 

Single applicants receive a 5% discount. (click here for single rates)


Married applicants get an additional 15% discount. (click here for married rates)

Married applicants applying with a spouse (and both approved) receive a 35% discount. (click here if married and applying jointly)

Your quotes are on three separate pages, each one highlighting a different benefit amount: $200, $250, and $300/day. Find your age and then review your rates both with and without inflation. "Deferred BIO" means no inflation and "3% Compound BIO" has an increasing benefit of 3% per year.

Once you're ready to apply, you can complete the application form below! Your information will be securely transferred to a Transamerica long-term care application which requires a signature.

Spouses and family members are subject to full underwriting. Please reach out to Wayne Hill for the full application kit: wayne.hill@theabdteam.com

4. Await an underwriting decision

The streamlined underwriting process, by default, skips the telephone interview, face-to-face exam, and physician statements. That means you should receive an underwriting decision in just a few days!



The following form will generate a formal application that requires an e-signature. You can expect the Docusign request to appear in your inbox within one business day.

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