What would happen if your partner stopped coming to work? 

DISABILITY INSURANCE BUY/SELL (aka DIBS, or Buy/Sell, or Buy Out) is designed to cover the shares of a business partner who is totally disabled due to illness or injury. 

Image Ben without Jerry, Johnson without Johnson, Smith without Barney. Many businesses are owned by partners who each have a significant stake in financial and human capital of the business. An abrupt and permanent absence could mean the end of a enterprise. A DIBS policy is designed to pay a lump-sum to the non-disabled owner so that the non-disabled owner can then use the benefit proceeds to purchase the shares from the disabled owner. 

Many owners in this circumstance are forced to downsize, sell assets, and administer layoffs as they are starved for a cash infusion. DIBS can fill the void. This is a classically undersold product, but is always of interest to partnership groups like restaurants, law firms, and CPAs.

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